Added Value

First and foremost our focus is and always will be on providing nutritious school lunches.

We also love working with children and helping to educate them as to where their food comes from.




We are incredibly excited about our new project, 'Willoughby Foods School Garden.' The aim is to promote the link between food & farming and to encourage pupils to be involved in growing their own produce.

Schools who wish to take part will have seeds sent to them for their pupils to grow. These will then be delivered back to us and planted in the new garden. There will be regular updates via Twitter/email/school visits. Produce will later be harvested and used in the school meals - it's going to be great! 


Cooking workshops - all equipment and ingredients supplied to work with groups of pupils to coincide with their curriculum
Tractor Visit - machinery from our working farm is available to visit school for children to see.
Farm Visit - children can come and try their hand at being a farmer for the day!
Kitchen Visit - intrigued as to how we can produce 2000 meals daily? Book a kitchen tour for a first hand experience


Support for Schools

Willoughby Foods develop close working relationships with all schools we work with to ensure a smooth partnership and growth in meal uptake.

  • Our bespoke online ordering system means little to no input from school
  • Parents contact us direct with no hassle for the school office
  • We visit school at least once each term during lunch to talk with children and ask for their feedback on our lunches
  • Interacting with Midday Supervisors by visiting schools means we get first hand feedback on how our meals are received
  • Meetings with School Council offers invaluable feedback from the pupils
  • Regular taster session in school allow pupils to sample our meals & their quality