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‘Creating good eating habits’

Our menu gives children a good wholesome meal every day at school which provides a delicious lunch as part of a balanced diet, creating good eating habits. All our meals are prepared freshly every morning in our professional kitchen operating to the highest standards of health and hygiene based locally. 

Willoughby Foods uses meat direct from our onsite butchers shop, you can’t get fresher than that!. This gives us the ultimate in the ability to source fresh local meat and we are very proud that we make our own sausages which the children love.


Roast DinnerWe understand that there are many reasons why parents choose not to too order a hot school meal for their child. We hear comments including 'school meals are too expensive'
'school meals are unhealthy' 'my child is a fussy eater' and 'there is not enough choice'. We listen to parents and in response to this: ALL children in Reception, Year 1 & Year 2 are entitled to free school meals. For Key Stage 2 our meals are £2.30 -  that's cheaper than a Costa Coffee!. You may be entitled to free school meals, please see the link below to check this out. Legistlation has changed recently meaning that any child who became/becomes eligible for FSM will remain eligible for free school meals under 'transitional protection' until at least July 2023. Even if the parental circumstances change (for example parents return to work) the child will retain their free school meal eligibility.

Our menus have been approved by Lincolnshire County Council which means that our meals meet the school food standards, portion sizes and best practice guidelines to create nutritious, healthy meals to keep children full all day. Children are more likely to try new foods and a wider range of meals when they eat with their friends in a social environment. Almost all schools have 4 choices available including a Vegetarian, Packed Lunch and Jacket Potato option. We are confident that there will be something for even the most picky of eaters. 

Children in need cake

 Our website is easy to use making meals simple to order for   parents/carers with office support available if required. Children   also receive a Birthday Cupcake on their special day and   themed days including Roahl Dahl Day, World Book Day and   Children in Need which deliver a new menu choice. 

 Please see below for our Food Allergy Policy.


Food Allergy and Intolerance Policy


 Regarding our hygiene rating the reason you will not see a food hygiene rating on our website is that we are in fact governed by much tougher European Regulations (UK LC028 EC) as we are classed as a 'factory'. This in turn means that here at Willoughby 

Foods we are inspected by Environmental Health annually across a much stricter 'HACCP' (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) model. As a result we are an approved premises rather than just registered.