The Environment has never been more prominent in the headlines than it is now.

At Willoughby Foods we are helping the environment by being as Eco Friendly as possible.

  • We have changed all our kitchen lighting from florescent lighting to LED to be more efficient
  • The gas water boiler was replaced with a more energy efficient electric water heater
  • Delivery to school - we maximise the number of deliveries per van to reduce mileage and fuel
  • Sourcing from local companies as much as possible to again reduce mileage and fuel
  • Having an 'on site' butcher shop promotes using local produce and reduces the need for deliveries from additional companies
  • All cardboard packaging is saved, baled and delivered to T&B Packaging for recycling
  • Our Packed Lunch bags are made from brown paper and are fully recyclable
  • Food tins are saved for collection by Elligia to be recycled